Part of our company is based on inclusion, our culture and environment for creativity and attention to originality

About Ractic Group

Our company’s foundation is based on communication with people and respect, and innovation is our inspiration. It is paramount to our community and culture, and with passion and communiment we make a better tomorrow.

Our joint sets the framework for our individual success and attention to originality.

Ractic Group is a community and culture for talented people and brands who form our core values – the ability to help each other and perform together. We are inspired by creativity and we appreciate a new way of thinking. We invest in people, and with our brands we ensure eye catching results for people.

Our vision

Our vision is to give the individual person, company and organization that best solutions to achieve even more. We love to be curious about people who are looking for improvements that can create a better tomorrow.

Community and culture means everything – and a common corporate spirit and kindness are the main factors for our company.

Our pride in common goals leads to beautiful results together.

Code of conduct

We want to take responsibility when we work with people and at the same time to improve the way we work, to ensure a good working culture and environment.

We work in an industry that is constantly evolving globally, and we must act as a grea example in everything we do. Our responsibility defines who we are.

We have 4 rules of conduct which set the direction for how we want to reflect ourselves.

1. We maintain respectful relationships among our colleagues, communities and business partners.

2. We strive to maintain the highest standards in our services.

3. We respect the rights of the individual person throughout our chain of brands.

4. We take responsibility for ourselves and ensure that our colleagues and partners contribute to a good working environment.